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Why Dunlop Tyres

Premium tyre producer, Dunlop, is renowned for creating durable, high-quality tyres. They have emerged as one of the most reliable brands when it comes to manufacturing tyres.

Dunlop has also been associated with the car racing world, as they are an exclusive supplier of tyres in the British Tour Car Championship (BTCC) since 2003. Additionally, Dunlop Tyres are also used in various races like the American series and the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

So, whether you are in search of sturdy van tyres or high-performance winter tyres, you can discover an entire collection of Dunlop Tyres at TYRE GURU.

Premium Quality Tyres

You can find a wide range of Dunlop Tyres in Dubai and adjacent areas at TyreGuru. This includes tyres for SUVs, 4x4s, as well as vans. Every kind of tyre will offer you amazing handling, grip, and durability, with specialized options for varying road conditions. So, regardless of the kind of tyre you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find everything you are looking for right here!


If you are looking to buy Dunlop tyres in Abu Dhabi or any other city in the UAE, get in touch with TYRE GURU. We will guide you through the set of tyres best fit for your car and help you in its installation as well. You can be assured you will be getting your tyres fitted by expert professionals who will make sure everything is in place before you take your first ride with the new tyres!


The following factors need to be analysed when deciding new tyres are required or not.

Tread depth – The Gulf Standardization Organization has put a limit on tyre treads beyond which they must be replaced. The limit is 1.6 mm beyond which a replacement is necessary. However, car manufacturers insist on replacing them at 3 mm.
Sidewall cracks – Sidewall cracks are a cause for concern if the crack is deep. However, surface cracks are normal, and one should not immediately seek to replace the tyres if surface cracks appear. Check for cuts or deformations in the sidewalls. If you see any grooves, your tyre could be on the verge of a leak.
Bulges or Blisters – Bulges and blisters are signs that the outer surface of the tyre is weakening. They can lead to tyre bursts and must be kept an eye on.
Vibration – A car vibrates for different reasons. One of those reasons is tyres. If you experience vibration, inspect it for any flat surfaces. If it has a flat spot on any part, it is time to seek a replacement.

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